Media Coverage

I have appeared on a number of television and radio programs to discuss my research on Venezuela, Latin American politics, US foreign policy, social movements, political economy, and other issues. I have also been interviewed for print publications.

If you have a media inquiry please email me: ghetland AT albany DOT edu

Recent Media Appearances

2017. “Scholar’s Mate” TV program on Venezuela, Taped on January 20 for March 2017 broadcast.

  1. “World in Focus.” Radio Sputnik UK. January 23. (Featured in segment [starting at  22:00] on Venezuela in daily radio program.)
  1. “The Stream.” Al Jazeera English. August 25. (Featured guest, weekly TV program.)
  1. “Political Unrest in Venezuela.” ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). September (Featured guest on daily TV news broadcast.)
  1. “Venezuela’s Descent.” Global Journalist. September 15. (Featured guest on weekly radio program broadcast on NPR affiliate KBIA and other public radio stations; appeared alongside former US ambassador to Venezuela, Patrick Duddy)
  1. “Venezuela: Fact vs. Fiction.” Latino Media Collective. October 7. (Featured guest on  weekly radio program, broadcast on Pacifica affiliate radio.)
  1. “Media Exaggerations of Apocalyptic Venezuela Plays into Regime Change  Narrative.” The Real News. July 1. (Featured guest, TV program.)
  1. “World in Focus.” Radio Sputnik UK. October 14. (Featured in segment on Venezuela in  daily radio program.)
  1. Interviewed/quoted in Tokyo Shimbun article [Japanese] on Venezuela. September Featured guest on “The Grass is Greener” weekly radio show on Riverwest Radio. July.
  1. “Is Venezuela on the brink of another coup?” May 20. (Interviewed/quoted in print article.)
  1. “Venezuela Opposition Secures ‘Supermajority’ in National Assembly.” The Real News. December 9. (Featured guest, TV program.)
  1. “Hugo Chavez’s Socialist Party Loses Election and Control of Legislature Amid Venezuelan Economic Crisis.” Between the Lines Radio program, WPKN, Bridgeport, CT. December 14. (Featured guest, radio program; excerpt on weekly syndicated summary show, 12/25/15).
  1. “Does election loss mean the end of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution.” Ricochet. December (Interviewed/quoted for article by Cory Collins.)

2014. “Ferguson Protest Shuts Down Oakland BART Station.” KQED News. November 28.                  (Interviewed/quoted for article.)

  1. “Students, professor react to Venezuelan turmoil.” The Daily Californian. March 17.  (Interviewed/quoted for article.)