Public Writing

I have frequently written about Venezuelan politics, the Occupy movement, participatory budgeting, and popular education for a number of publicly oriented outlets including The Nation, Jacobin, In These Times, NACLA and Dollars and Sense.

2016. “A History of Violence: What Mainstream Accounts of Venezuela’s ‘Peaceful’ Opposition Leave Out.’ Jacobin. September 11.

2016. “Saving Chavismo in Venezuela.” Invited Op-Ed. teleSUR. September 2. (On teleSUR’s ‘most-read opinion’ list for multiple days.)

2016. “Why is Venezuela in Crisis.The Nation. August 17. (14k page views; made Nation’s top-5 ‘most read articles’ list)

2016. “How Severe is Venezuela’s Crisis.The Nation. June 22. (30k-plus page views; on Nation’s top-5 ‘most read articles’ list for 3 days; reprinted in and elsewhere)

2016. “Paul Krugman is Wrong about Bernie Sanders-And About How Change Works.” In These Times. January 25 (2.5k shares on social media).

2015. “The End of Chavismo? Why Venezuela’s Ruling Party Lost Big and What Comes Next“. The Nation. December 10. (Solicited for re-print by Progress in Political Economy Blog, Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney. Reprinted in; 9k page views)

2015. “The Truth About Chávez“. Jacobin. September 20. (Reprinted in NACLA, Telésur English and; 6k shares on social media)

2015. “Press Doublespeak at the Summit of the Americas“. Nacla. April 20.

2013. “What’s Next for Venezuela, After Chávez?“, The Nation, March 8.

2012. “Grassroots Democracy in Venezuela.” The Nation. January 30.

2012. “A New Way to Occupy City Hall: Participatory Budgeting.” The Nation. March 15.

2012. “Reading Tea Leaves in Venezuela: How to Interpret the Results of Sunday’s Regional Election”. Nacla. December 21.

2012. “The End of the Chávez Era?NACLA. December 14.

2012. “Why Chávez Won”. CounterPunch. October 15.

2012. “Occupying Democracy”. In We Are Many: Critical Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation, edited by Kate Khatib Margaret Killjoy and Mike McGuire. Oakland: AK Press.

2007. “Making Sense of Venezuela’s Referendum.” NACLA. December 6.

2007. “Venezuela’s Hopes and Contradictions.” ZNET. November 16.

2002. “Popular Educators Gather”. Dollars and Sense. November-December.

2002. “Unions and Workers in Venezuela.” Dollars and Sense. September-October.

I also engage with the public through my work with the Participatory Budgeting Project, an organization that works to bring participatory budgeting to cities in the US and Canada, and that has provided technical support to PB processes in Vallejo, Richmond, Chicago, New York and many other cities. I am on the PBP Advisory Board.

In 2012 I worked with community organizations, local governments and ordinary citizens on initiatives to bring participatory budgeting to several cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2012 the city of Vallejo (the largest city in California to ever declare bankruptcy) made history by becoming the first city in the United States to implement participatory budgeting on a citywide basis. In 2012-2013, I was a lead member of the PB Vallejo Research Advisory Board. I helped coordinate a collaborative research process involving over fifteen government officials, community organizers, professors and students. I conducted trainings, supervised research by masters and bachelors students from the University of California, Berkeley, helped design and implement two surveys of PB participants, conducted a year of ethnographic research and helped analyze and write-up the results of this process. Information about PB Vallejo, which has been extended for a second year, can be found here. I have also been involved in efforts to bring participatory budgeting to Richmond, which is the largest city in the US with a Green Party mayor.